JIS-CTF VulnUpload

Hello! Welcome to another writeup. Today I’m gonna show how I broke VulnUpload. According to description:

Description: There are five flags on this machine. Try to find them. It takes 1.5 hour on average to find all flags.

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Hello! Another week, another writeup! Wish I could always keep publishing with this rate ;) This time I worked on Ziko2 boot2root, as usual from Vulnhub. How does Author describe his challange?

Zico’s Shop: A Boot2Root Machine intended to simulate a real world cenario Disclaimer: By using this virtual machine, you agree that in no event will I be liable for any loss or damage including without limitation, indirect or consequential loss or damage, or any loss or damage whatsoever arising from loss of data or profits arising out of or in connection with the use of this software. TL;DR - You are about to load up a virtual machine with vulnerabilities. If something bad happens, it’s not my fault. Level: Intermediate Goal: Get root and read the flag file Description: Zico is trying to build his website but is having some trouble in choosing what CMS to use. After some tries on a few popular ones, he decided to build his own. Was that a good idea? Hint: Enumerate, enumerate, and enumerate! Thanks to: VulnHub Author: Rafael (@rafasantos5)

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Hello! I found some time to break another boot2root. A usual, it’s another one from vulnhub. It’s titled “Bulldog”:

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Mr robot

Welcome to another Vulnhub writeup. This time we’ll work with Mr Robot:

Based on the show, Mr. Robot. This VM has three keys hidden in different locations. Your goal is to find all three. Each key is progressively difficult to find. The VM isn’t too difficult. There isn’t any advanced exploitation or reverse engineering. The level is considered beginner-intermediate.

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IMF (5 of 6 flags)

Welcome to my first CTF virtual machine writeup. I downloaded the virtual machine file from Vulnhub The description doesn’t give much away:

Welcome to “IMF”, my first Boot2Root virtual machine. IMF is a intelligence agency that you must hack to get all flags and ultimately root. The flags start off easy and get harder as you progress. Each flag contains a hint to the next flag. I hope you enjoy this VM and learn something.

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